Solar’s bananas are ripe for the picking

Solar Innovations, Inc. is preparing to harvest the current banana crop from its custom designed and installed tropical greenhouse located at Solar’s 36-plus acre Green LEED certified manufacturing facility in Pine Grove, PA.

Bananas for harvest in Solar Innovations, Inc. Tropical Greenhouse

Early in the banana growth process, the lower crown (multiple trunks that grow from a single root system) is evaluated to determine the straightest trunk that will produce the best fruit.  All the other trunks are cut off at the base to ensure that the fruit receives the required nutrients during the growing process.  This also allows the leaves of the selected stalk to grow larger and protect the fruit from direct sunlight.

Once bananas have become ripe, there are two popular methods for harvest: crowning and picking.  Picking allows the fruit to remain attached to the tree while it continues to soak up moisture through the tree’s root system.  Each banana is selected and individually cut as needed from the tree.  The second and more popular method, referred to as crowning, involves making a clean cut across the top of the plant.  This removes the leaves, fruit, and connected flower all in one motion.  When this method is employed, the bananas are often hung while they continue to ripen.  This harvesting method is often employed while the bananas are still green.  They are then hung in kitchens and restaurants where they can be cut and selected as each individual banana ripens.

Once crowned or all the fruit has been picked, the trunk is cut off at the root and trimmed to ensure the new growth that sprouts at the edge of the existing root structure will receive the required nutrients it needs to provide the next harvest.