Solar’s Engineering Capabilities

The more and more capabilities Solar Innovations, Inc. insources, the more efficient it becomes. Solar is proud to be able to provide a vertically integrated process that decreases lead times and overall costs for consumers. Solar Innovations, Inc.’s  insightful in-house engineers, for example, are onhand full time working to enhance Solar’s ingenuity and product performance.

Solar’s  engineers have thermal testing abilities to determine the thermal efficiency of its products. They also use the world’s premiere 3D structural analysis and design engineering software, which allows them a flexible designing ability to create virtually any type of structure. As all of Solar’s structures and products are custom made to suit each customer’s exact specifications, this software is an extremely crucial aspect to the design process.

Solar’s in-house engineering is one of the many aspects that sets Solar Innovatyions, Inc. apart from the competition. By having as many in-house manufacturing practices as possible, Solar is able to provide its customers with a stress-free and more enjoyable design process.

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