Solar’s Upgraded Pinterest Account

Pinterest has recently split their social media platform into two separate account types: personal and business. In an effort to better serve our potential customer’s interest, Solar Innovations, Inc. recently converted to a business account. After following the instructions, our new business account quickly received a verified status by Pinterest.

Most importantly, this change makes it easier for you, the customer to “pin” your favorite images from Solar Innovations, Inc. to your Pinterest boards. Users no longer have to copy the image’s URL or go through the tedious process of installing browser-specific Pinterest applications.. To optimize the experience of our website users, we have installed a script (provided by Pinterest) that allows visitors to “pin” images without ever leaving Solar’s website. Simply hover over your desired image (as show below), click the “pin it” button, and the image will be “pinned” to your desired Pinerest board.

To visit Solar Innovations, Inc.’s Pinterest account, click here.

Pinterest Business Accountes