Starting a Vineyard

When undertaking the investment of starting a vineyard, ensure that you are ready to commit to this endeavor.  Solar has recently planted its very own vineyard and is excited to share all we’ve learned with our customers.  Unlike other gardening efforts, creating a functional and sustainable vineyard requires quite a bit of work: meticulous planning, pruning, and implementation will pay off with a “fruitful” vineyard.

When you are ready to begin the process, start by examining the land and selecting the correct location.  The ideal location for a vineyard is on a southern facing slope.  It incorporates the proper sun exposure and air current required to maintain the ideal conditions.  Unfortunately, no such slopes suitable for plant growth existed in Solar’s plot set aside for this purpose.  In an effort to remedy the overall location issue, the vineyard was centered on the plot and grading commenced to achieve an acceptable growing environment.  When working with a vineyard, and the delicate plants it contains, it is important to ensure you do not spray chemicals for the removal of existing plants or for any plant problems that arise.  Non-green products should be used only when absolutely necessary to sustain the health and quality of the grapes and soil, ensuring future and continued harvests.

After researching, Solar’s vineyard team decided it better to start small and ensure proper growth and pruning for the first few months.  The watering and pruning are the two key controllable factors for the implementation of a vineyard.  The vineyard will be watched intensely from the time the grapes are planted for a minimum of three months; with pruning and watering adjustments made each day to ensure the shape, quality, and growth rate of the vines.

Though a great deal of work is required for the vineyard to be successful, Solar Innovations, Inc. is excited for the project to begin.  Please stay tuned more information will be posted next week.

Planting a Vineyard with Solar Innovations, Inc.