Suntuitive Self-tinting Glass

Solar Innovations, Inc.’s research and development team strives to create the most energy efficient greenhouses, conservatories, sunrooms, and window systems on the market today. By taking advantage of passive solar energy and advanced glazing technologies, such as self-tinting glass, the Company is able to design and engineer unique and sustainable glass products for residential and commercial applications of every scope.

Suntuitive self-tinting glass is an advanced, high performance dynamic glazing technology that will lighten and darken by itself.  The change is determined by the current temperature and sunlight. Suntuitive is an interactive glass interlayer, which reacts to its surrounding environment and adjusts accordingly; therefore, the glass will be at its darkest tint when the sun is very bright, and it will be clear when the sun has set or is hidden by clouds. This impact-resistant glass option helps to minimize solar heat gain, reducing the need for additional heating and cooling units and subsequently decreasing HVAC costs. For these reasons, suntuitive glass is beneficial to both humans and plants. Incorporating Suntuitive into a greenhouse or conservatory will ensure both guests and plant life remain comfortable at any time of day or year.

For more information on Suntuitive glass and high performance glass technology offered by Solar Innovations, Inc., please visit the Glazing Options webpage.

Suntuitive Glass Technology