Tips for Growing Flowers and Fruit in Your Greenhouse

Growing flowers and fruit at the same time in your greenhouse can easily be accomplished through proper planning. Depending upon the type of flowers and fruit you wish to grow, planning can be as simple as ordering enough benches to support all your plants, or as complex as creating zones in your greenhouse during the initial planning phase.

Three factors that should be considered when growing fruit and flowers together:

  1. Lighting – High pressure sodium (HPS) grow lights are ideal for both fruit and flowers. They produce a yellow light that promotes the growth of blooms and fruit. Remember that some fruiting plants prefer direct light, while some flowers thrive in shaded areas.
  2. Humidity – The humidity level a plant requires can differ between day and night. For example, calla lilies and tomatoes both require a relative humidity range of 80 to 90 percent during the day, but at night tomatoes require 65 to 75 percent humidity while the calla lily remains in the 80 to 90 percent range.
  3. Temperature – Most fruits do well in warmer temperature ranges, while flowers can thrive in cooler temperatures. Make sure to research the temperature range needed for the fruits and flowers to flourish.

Growing Fruit and Flowers in a Greenhouse