Utilizing a Canopy as a Pool Cover

Pools and spas are a great entertainment feature for any building; however, they are often plagued by leaves and other debris from surrounding trees, shrubs, and flowers. Since they’re unsheltered, outdoor door pools often subject users to harmful UV rays, which can lead to future health issues. Designing pools and spas in pool enclosures will eliminate both of these problems. Pool enclosures allow users to enjoy swimming year round, regardless of the weather outside; however, designing the ideal pool enclosure can often be a lengthy and expensive project. Installing a glazed canopy overtop a pool is a cost-effective alternative to a pool enclosure, and although the pool will need to remain a seasonal feature, the canopy will minimize UV exposure and reduce the amount of leaves which enter the filter.

There is a great deal of innovative glazing options to choose from. Utilizing low emissions glass (LowE) will block harmful UV rays, filter natural sunlight through the canopy, and reduce the amount of heat transmitted through the glass, allowing guests to remain comfortable under the canopy. LoE 366 is one of the most efficient types of LowE glass. LoE 366 is designed to block 95 percent of the sun’s UV rays and it can be used in Energy Star climate zones.

Glass Canopies by Solar Innovations, Inc.

Dynamic glass is a multifunctional type of glass that has the ability to switch between clear and tinted states, eliminating the need for additional shading systems. Thermochromic glass is a dynamic glazing option that gradually darkens to different levels depending on the amount of direct sunlight. Thermochromic glass includes an interactive interlayer, which allows it to automatically tint throughout the day according to the intensity of sunlight. On a bright, hot day, the glass will tint to its darkest level, providing shade for the pool on extremely sunny days; the glass will return to its clear state at night or on cloudy days. Designing the canopy with dynamic glass will not only increase user comfort, but it also has the ability to assist in projects seeking LEED certification.

A pool or spa is the perfect leisurely addition to any building, and installing a glazed canopy overtop the water feature will reduce maintenance requirements and increase user comfort. For more information about Solar Innovations, Inc. glazed canopies and their various glazing options, contact a Solar Innovations, Inc. sales representative.