Utilizing a Greenhouse As a Meeting Space

Holding a company or client meeting in the cafeteria or conference room can become mundane. Finding the right space to suit one’s needs can often times be a challenge, but a greenhouse can provide you with a comfortable space for meetings and interviews. Creating zones in the greenhouse will allow you to provide a comfortable environment for both plants and people. An automated system can be used for temperature and humidity control in each section or “zone” independently.
The planning process is incredibly important when it comes to greenhouse satisfaction. Knowing and understanding the spatial requirements, for both people and plants, as well as the accessories and purposes the space will be utilized for during the planning process will ensure your club, company, or residence will have the open space and peaceful atmosphere that was envisioned when the project began.
There are many details to consider when planning your greenhouse that are often overlooked, to learn more about how to create a meeting space in your one of a kind greenhouse, please contact a Solar Innovations, Inc. greenhouse design expert: [email protected]

Greenhouse utilized as a winery or meeting space