Utilizing a Greenhouse for Stargazing

Stargazing is traditionally a summertime activity, but with a greenhouse or other glass structure from Solar Innovations, Inc., stargazing can be enjoyed any time of year. Greenhouses are the perfect structure for stargazing with a significant other, family members, and friends alike. Growing tall trees and larger vegetation inside the greenhouse will produce an atmosphere resembling nature, creating the look and feel of stargazing in the great outdoors.

The location of the greenhouse is one of the most important aspects to consider during the planning stages. In order to create the perfect stargazing experience, the greenhouse should be constructed in a relatively open location with minimal tree coverage. A freestanding greenhouse will allow stargazers a panoramic view of the open sky, but when there is a lack of space and a smaller budget, a lean-to greenhouse is an adequate alternative and will produce the same stargazing experience.

The roof should also be carefully considered, as it is, arguably, the most critical feature when a greenhouse will be used for stargazing. Adding a skylight retractable panel system to the roof of the greenhouse will give users the option of a completely unobstructed view of the nighttime sky. The panel system can be integrated into the greenhouse’s environmental control system, and it can be opened and closed by an on/off switch. With Solar’s unique metal bending capabilities, the roof can be designed with curved eaves in a dome configuration, resembling a true planetarium.

Constructing a greenhouse to use for stargazing is not only a great addition to homes, but it is perfect for retirement homes and childrens’ camps, as well. For more information on planning a greenhouse and additional unique uses, please visit the Greenhouses portion of the webpage or contact a knowledgeable Solar Innovations, Inc. Sales Designer.

Retractable Roof Skylight or Greenhouse by Solar Innovations, Inc. for stargazing