Utilizing a Multi-purpose Sunroom as a Playroom

With proper planning and implementation, a sunroom can create a versatile space to be used as a children’s playroom.  The sunroom can also easily be transformed into an elegant room to host parties around the holidays, creating beautiful views of the landscape during the day and the stars at night without exposing guests to the elements.

Using the sunroom as a playroom creates a healthy play area with natural lighting, making it a preferred space to a basement.  With increases in glass technology and the implementation of a laminate layer on the glass it is prevented from shattering in case of high impact and is actually heavily resistant to the impacts that children can cause.  The implementation of proper shading and/or LowE coatings can create a healthy and pleasant environment the entire family can enjoy year round.  A sunroom is a versatile space that should not be limited to one function.

For more information on creating a playroom from a sunroom, please contact a Solar Innovations, Inc. design expert for more information.

Sunroom as a multi-purpose or playroom