Case Study: Empirical Fenestration


Hurricane-resistant Fenestration 

While constructing a high-end residence in New York, an architecture firm sought an experienced glazier to provide quality fenestration to complement the modern style of  a client’s residence. The dwelling is nestled between the Atlantic Ocean to the south and Mecox bay to the north. The orientation provides wide, scenic views of the beach and bay. However, this luxury location comes at the cost of increased exposure to hurricanes, high winds, and storms.

The corrosive ocean air, seasonal variances in temperature, and exposure to driving rain translate into a necessity for high-quality fenestration. The desired windows, doors, and curtain walls would need to be impact, wind, and water rated with a finish that can hold up to the tough seaside atmosphere.


Atlantic Aesthetics  

Solar Innovations® was able to provide the proper fenestration for the client’s vision as well as the demands of the location. The high performance complete window and door package allows for beautiful expansive views to fit the modern aesthetic while holding up to the specific demands of the environment. The curtain walls remain largely unobstructed thanks to the high-strength aluminum structure, providing incredible views of the Atlantic Ocean.

The G2 International style windows were chosen for their consistent sightlines and impact tested ratings which perfectly meet the needs of the design and weather expectations. Awning windows were favored for the location because of their ability to shed rainwater while open. Fixed screens on the interior of the awning windows prevent the intrusion of airborne pests when fresh air is desired.


Element Protection Reassurance

The high performance glazing that is set in thermally broken aluminum bars, provides excellent thermal performance that meets the demands of the climate. An interlayer within the glazing prevents harmful UV rays from entering the dwelling. The AAMA 2605 white finish on the units prevent corrosion that would otherwise occur due to exposure to ocean air. The clean, precisely machined lines of Solar’s fenestration, complement the modern style of the residence and provide excellent thermal, water, and impact performance so that the residents can rest easy in their new home.