Case Study: Where Sky Meets Land

Subtle, Yet Elegant


The Sky’s the Limit

When residents of this Pennsylvania home decided it was time to let some sunshine in, Solar Innovations® answered the call with a green solution that would brighten their lives and their home. With a skylight addition in mind, the goal of this project was to provide the Wyndmoor resident’s sunroom with an abundance of natural light in a way that could easily blend into the surrounding environment, while also adding an architectural “wow” factor to the home.


New Perspectives with Grounded Skylights

Taking the home’s existing design into account, we decided the perfect solution for meeting our client’s demands would be a system capable of blending into the sunroom interior, while also matching the overall exterior.

With a design as timeless and tested as the pyramid, we knew that an SI5600 Aluminum Welded Curb Pyramid Skylight would be an excellent fit for the project. This classic shape was also well suited for supporting the addition of a chandelier in the room below. Clocking in with an equal curb length and width of 7 feet by 7 inches, this system’s 91-inch radius ensures it is an impressive sight without overwhelming onlookers from the rest of what the home has to offer.

To properly harmonize the newly added skylight with the residence’s current aesthetic, our creative team based final system plans on a dual finish design. On the frame’s underside, a white finish was utilized to match the interior, while dark bronze anodized was applied to the skylight’s exterior to compliment the home’s natural palette and better blend with the unique rooftop prairie surrounding the structure.

The skylight is thermally broken and uses insulated glass. As a result, those in the room below will enjoy the warmth and glow of natural lighting and experience limited outside noise exposure.


Natural Beauty Above and Below

The beauty of the home shined even brighter after the addition of a skylight from Solar Innovations®. When our designs met the lush greens of the rooftop landscape, the result was a one of a kind space for those on all sides of the glass.