Case Study: 04-04-028 – Incorporating a Skylight to Utilize Daylight & Shelter


Solar Innovations® Architectural Glazing Systems was asked to find a way to shelter an alleyway between two shopping galleries in an historic area of Washington DC. The two shopping galleries were separated by a characteristic alley way named Cady’s Alley.  However, the client wanted the space to remain an inviting space.


In response to this desire, Solar Innovations® suggested the installation of a glass canopy over the alleyway.  As a particularly useful form of skylight, in both architectural and urban design, the glass canopy has the potential to shelter occupants from the elements while still allowing daylight to penetrate into the space.  This gives the space an inviting, open feeling.  The glass canopy can also give structures a contemporary feel while preserving the existing historic character.  The shelter that was provided successfully transformed the space between the shopping centers into an inviting area to traverse while preserving the existing building façades.

Project Details

Series: SI5000 Canopy

Finish: Custom Blue Frame Finish

Glazing: Clear Glazing