Case Study: 07-09-014 – Custom Conservatories for Any Location


When a New Jersey residence was interested in an attached conservatory, but they did not have extra land available, they contacted Solar Innovations, Inc. to help design a second-level conservatory to meet their needs. Solar Innovations, Inc. has been providing custom structures for eighteen years, and the Company has gained a national reputation for its willingness to design and install structures within complicated spatial parameters. These structures include greenhouses, conservatories, sunrooms, pool enclosures, and more. Free-standing structures provide customers with plenty of flexibility for both the size and shape of the design; their only constraint is the site area. When land is not available, an attached structure may be the only solution for a customer. In the case of our New Jersey project, the customer wanted to install a second floor conservatory with its own recognizable identity between two gabled roof sections without compromising the architectural style of the home.


Solar Innovations, Inc. worked closely with the structure’s architects to design the perfect attached conservatory to meet the customers’ specifications. Solar created a central corridor to connect the two sections of the main house, which included a roof to mimic the pitch of the adjacent roofs. The conservatory’s roof was also designed to be the lowest point along the ridge line, which continues the ridge’s step-down fashion. The conservatory’s opposing dormers create a higher ridge line, which runs perpendicular to the house’s ridge, and was designed to claim its own prominence by rising above the central corridor and being crowned with ridge cresting. The finished conservatory serves as a central visual statement for the house that smoothly transitions with the rest of house’s design. Functionally, it provides an almost panoramic view of the landscape and allows the homeowners a protected connection to the outdoors, perfect for entertaining.