Case Study 14-07-311 Interior Dividing Wall for Churches

Project ID: 14-07-311 Interior Folding Glass Wall Systems In a Church

This church was searching for a solution to physically isolate a multiuse room from the rest of the interior. However, the solution needed to be flexible so that the room could be easily accessible by small groups of people or large groups of people for different events. In addition, the room needed to reduce sound transmission as much as possible to prevent interruptions during services in the sanctuary. Finally, because it is a public building, the system needed to comply with all local code requirements for ADA accessibility and emergency situations as well as provide proven longevity for as high use application.


Solar Innovations, Inc. designed folding glass wall systems that met all the unique requirements of this situation. Solar started by designing a wall system with the dimensions of the opening and then working with the church in order to decide the number of panels and the direction they would fold when fully open to minimize the impact of the folded doors on floor space and flow. This configuration would allow the room to be completely open for events where larger groups of people needed to freely access the room. In addition, swing doors were integrated into the walls so that most of the glass wall could  remain in place while allowing people to easily access the space.  The glass chosen was based on the interior application, which was complicated by the need to prevent as much sound transmission as possible. By comparing Sound Transmission Class (STC) ratings of different glass types and understanding the sound requirements of the church, Solar was able to recommend glass that would provide the necessary privacy levels for the room when services were in session. Finally, the folding glass wall systems were designed with ADA compliant (based on local codes) sills and panic hardware to ensure ease of accessibility for everyone and proper functionality in emergency situations. The Class I Anodized finish and commercial-grade quality contribute to the most durable bi-folding doors in the industry.

Project Details
Series: SI3350N Non-Thermal Folding Glass Walls
Finish: Class I Anodized Finish
Glazing: 5/16″ Clear Heat Strengthened
Monolithic Laminated Glass with
.060 PVB interlayer
Hardware: 1051 Door Lever in Aluminum Finish
Panic Hardware