Case Study: 11-06-295 Using 90º Operable Skylights to Increase Daylighting


A residential client approached Solar Innovations® to design and install a skylight on their existing sunroom in Brooklyn, New York. The sunroom is located next to a city backstreet, and the client was looking for a design that would maximize the positive effects of daylighting while avoiding the unappealing views of the adjacent street. The client came to Solar Innovations® for a skylight design that would allow natural light to illuminate their home even when the sunroom curtains were drawn in order to maintain privacy in the residence.

The design would be required to operate easily to allow fresh air into the space and maintain comfortable temperature levels in all seasons. In addition to these requirements, the skylight would need to retain a weather-tight seal when closed in case of inclement weather.


Solar Innovations® worked in collaboration with the client and suggested the installation of its hydraulic 90º operable skylight. The skylight is capable of solving this design challenge by spanning the entire width of the sunroom, allowing the maximum amount of daylight to come in from above. The panels are capable of opening a full 90° to allow fresh air to flow through the space.

The client can operate the skylight manually or with the push of a button, and it closes to form a weather-tight seal. The low emission glazing used in this system allows daylight to pass through while filtering out solar heat, thus maintaining indoor temperatures and providing year-round comfort. This addition adds value to the residence and enhances the comfort and versatility of the existing sunroom.

Project Details

Series: SI6408 Dual 90º Operable Skylight

Finish: AAMA 2603 Bronze

Glazing: 1” LoE 366 Tempered Insulated Glazing