How Decorative Trim Can Enhance Your Structure

Adding decorative trim to your structure is an easy way to bring a classic aesthetic to your greenhouse, conservatory, or sunroom. Here at Solar Innovations®, we offer over 300 trim profiles that are based off of the classic wooden trim styles. These were designed to mimic wood features while still being constructed from durable aluminum, making them easy to adhere to design requirements and still suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

There are many benefits to having aluminum trim on your structure as opposed to wood. For example, the traditional wooden trim is not suitable for high moisture environments such as pool enclosures or greenhouses. Over time, the humidity will rapidly accelerate the deterioration of the trim causing it to rot, warp, or chip. By using aluminum, your trim will not do any of the deteriorating or rusting that wood will do, and you will not have to worry about any finish maintenance.

In addition, Solar also offers five standard paint finishes and any custom color that you may require for your project. Rake molding can also be added to the eave of any room to mimic crown molding and any design aesthetic. Trims can be attached to interior rafters of the walls and roof of your structure and the finished floor line, windows, and door framing can all accept trim as well.

For more information on decorative trim, please contact a Solar Innovations® sales representative at [email protected].