How To Achieve Your Pool’s Full Potential Using Natural Light

Pool and spa enclosures are not only ideal for residential uses, but for commercial applications as well.



In many environments, spas cannot be left in the open air year-round, but an enclosure removes the need to close the pool for the winter. With proper ventilation systems in place, structures can provide the welcome illusion of summer temperatures even in the coldest of winters. Whether you choose a stand-alone enclosure or a fixed extension to your home, these custom solutions will revolutionize the way you enjoy your pool.


Pool and spa environments can be the selling point for many tenants looking for their next apartment or condo. High-quality pool houses and enclosures offer a luxury experience that can give any building or complex an edge on the competition. Enclosing your pool will also cut down on costs incurred from constantly opening, closing, and cleaning.



Pool and spa enclosures are unique, attractive additions to accommodations worldwide. Allow guests year-round, weather-proof enjoyment of your pool or spa. Water parks offer a variety of attractions and gathering areas, all of which must be able to withstand constant moisture and damp conditions without rotting, warping, or requiring frequent finish maintenance.


Swimming is a popular sport among students, ranging all the way from elementary schools to universities. As more schools look to add swimming programs to their curriculum, a Solar Innovations® pool enclosure is a great addition to add to an indoor pool. These structures are also great for spas, YMCAs, gyms, and other recreational institutions. Pool and spa enclosures allow businesses to provide customers with a summer experience year-round. Customers can enjoy the pool or spa without having to worry about the snow, rain, wind, leaves, insects, or any other outdoor nuisances.


Large sizes and custom configurations are available for any project. Our high-quality aluminum products—from glass structures to folding glass walls— stand up to this environmental challenge. High-performance sills are available in many products for increased water protection. We can help plan the layout, heating, cooling, dehumidification, and any other potential challenges that may arise with your project. We work as a design partner with our customers to create the perfect custom environment for any application.