Is it Time to Replace Your Old Skylights or Glass Structures?

Over time, skylights and glass structures can deteriorate from weather exposure and use, leading to unpleasant views in your home or business that you may need to replace. As one of the largest custom manufacturers of residential and commercial glazing products, Solar Innovations® has the technology and innovative design capability to help you replace or restore most existing structures put in place by other manufacturers.

Our experienced staff will help you evaluate the most effective way to repair or replace any existing structure. We can also supply custom parts for those who may prefer to repair a structure themselves.

Glass Replacement for a Sunroom provided by Solar Innovations, Inc.

Some of our stock replacement parts include:

  • Flat, tempered glass for most applications
  • Curves to fit Everlite structures
  • Curves to fit Sunplace structures
  • Curves to fit Four Seasons structures
  • Curves to fit Skytech structures
  • Curves to fit Suncraft structures
  • Curves to fit Sunroom Designs structures
  • Glazing bar caps and screw covers (exterior screw-in caps)
  • Most cover caps for the exterior
  • Most gaskets and tapes which are damaged while replacing glass

Solar Innovations®‘ windows, doors, structures, ridge vents, and operable skylights can be adapted to repair or improve almost any existing structure.

If not properly maintained, structures and skylights can fall into such a state of disrepair that they may need to be removed and replace with a newer unit. Before you decide to remove everything, make sure to consult with a Solar Innovations® representative today to find out what will best suit your needs.

Whether you will be undertaking a complete structure or skylight replacement or simply replacing a few panes of glass, contact a Solar Innovations® representative today at 800-618-0669 or [email protected] to discuss your project.