New Signs Turning Heads at Solar Innovations

Even with the celebrations of the 20th anniversary a few months behind us, Solar Innovations® is still continuing to make a few cosmetic changes around the building. Our goal is to make the work environment the best it can possibly be for our team members, so with a few new features, we hope to solidify our Solar brand through teamwork.

One of the newest features can be seen coming in from Route 645—new hiring signs! As a collaboration between the HR and the Marketing teams to increase applicant outreach, several new signs were created that could be rotated out on a quarterly basis. The new signs are a more colorful and eye-catching feature that we hope will draw in more people to Solar.

In addition to the fresh coat of paint and photos that were put up during the anniversary, there have also been two new wall clings put in place. One was placed in the entrance lobby so that anyone walking into the building knows exactly who we are, and the second one was placed in the hallway outside of the cafeteria under our core values.

More updates will be coming soon, so keep an eye open for any new changes you may see around the building!