Planting Food Plots to Preserve Wildlife

At Solar Innovations,® sustainability is one of our core values. One of the many ways Solar promotes sustainability is by planting food plots to preserve a habitat for local wildlife. Planting food plots helps keep local animals healthy and thriving. During our first year of utilizing food plots, our experts planted a variety of crops including, corn, soybeans, clover, chicory, and brassica. All of these crops are planted specifically for the deer, quail, and wild turkeys that are common to Pine Grove, PA. Now we have expanded our efforts to include winter oats, turnips, radishes, and winter greens. These plants will help attract wildlife to the property and also keep those animals healthy.

Before planting food plots, be sure to take soil samples of the area you wish to plant on to make sure the soil has the needed nutrients to produce crops. Soil samples can be sent to your local agriculture extension and cost around 4-6 dollars. Results are normally received in a week and will tell you what to add to your soil to produce healthy, thriving crops. Click here to see a step by step guide on how to conduct a soil sample [from one of our greenhouse experts].

Once you have conducted your soil samples and have created the best soil for planting, follow these tips to plant successful food plots:

  • Plant different types of crops. Crops in the winter should provide high-energy food to help the deer survive during the cold months.
  • Plant in prime locations. Make sure to plant your crops away from roads and trails that are heavily traveled by humans. Try to keep your plots near deer travel routes and bedding areas.

Food plots help to sustain the local wildlife while keeping them healthy, and will also lead to a increased wildlife presence in your area.