Pop the Cork: Design a showstopping Winery

Creating an ambiance to compliment the lush flavoring of your wine offerings can be just as challenging as making the wine. Don’t sweat, Solar Innovations® can help alleviate this by assisting you in creating a one of a kind experience for your customers.

Let’s help the customers soak up all the beauty around them, and dream up an environment that feels relaxing, yet decadent. We offer serval options from opening spaces up with folding glass walls, to monsterous size doors for large ceilings, and greenhouses that add a tropical flair to the environment.

Folding Glass Walls

A folding glass walls winery blends vineyard activities with the guest experience. Use these on the interior for between the tasting room and a room showcasing how the wine is created. With the option of opening the wall more space is created for tastings and connects guests with the rest of the vineyard.

Truis Winery Folding Glass Walls

Grand Pivot Doors

Solar’s pivot doors can act as a unique doorway between the interior tasting room and an exterior seating area overlooking the vineyard.  This pivot functionality allows larger panels because only half of the door will take up “living space” on the interior or exterior of the room. When the door is completely open, there is a large opening on either side for customers to enter and exit the room, without feeling crowded.

Glass House Winery

Many people fail to realize that greenhouses can be used for more than just growing plants. They can provide an excellent location for entertaining and dining. Customers can gaze at the surreal scenery while being protected from the varying outside elements.

By adding foliage guests can have a tropical experience in an area far from the islands. Guest can sip wines, enjoy a picnic, all while being taken away to a dreamlike place. The addition of a greenhouse also adds more space allowing for larger groups and events.

Solar Innovations® has many options to meet the needs and aesthetic of your winery to assist in creating an unforgettable experience for guests.