Garden Preparation

Attention greenhouse hobbyist! Today’s topic: garden preparation. With the new growing season ahead, now is the time to start getting ready.

In order to avoid forgetting important, necessary items, Brian, our greenhouse expert, recommends making a greenhouse checklist.

Start by writing a list of the seeds you want to grow, both vegetables and flowers. Keep in mind that different types of plants require different temperatures and water levels. This will help you to determine which soils and fertilizers you need, as well as which fungicides and insecticides will be appropriate. Remember that certain plants should be given more space to prevent them from taking over the whole garden, so get a pencil and paper and plot out your space to make sure all of your plants have adequate growing room.


Then, choose lighting, growing mats, pots and containers that accommodate each step in the growing process. Also, list the tools and equipment you need. Keep your space and budget limit in mind when choosing these items so you can maximize your growing potential. Make a separate list of items you might need once your plants start growing.

After purchasing your gardening items, clean and set up your sprayers, dusters and irrigation systems. Assemble and set up any planting stakes, cages, trellises or pole fencing you will need in order to avoid the risk of damaging the plants by setting them up after the plants begin growing. If you can, separate your seed pots and mark them all clearly – this step sounds may be common sense, but your seedlings could suffer if you forget!


By having all your items on your list checked off before the start of the season makes everything you are going to do fall into place easier as you progress with the growing.

Until we talk again, happy gardening!