Project Spotlight: 12-12-138 Navy Green Townhouses

The Solar team recently completed work on a series of townhouses in the Northeastern United States. For this project, Solar Innovations® installed 13 G2 thermally-broken multi-track sliding glass door systems. Each door system featured an OXX configuration as viewed from the exterior, a custom “Gray Velvet” frame finish, and LowE SN68 insulated glazing. Charcoal colored fiberglass screen systems and ergonomic handle with keyed lock were also included.

There are many benefits to using sliding glass doors in your home or business. These door systems allow you to easily move larger object in and out of your home or business. Typically sliding glass doors are twice as wide as regular entry doors; this makes it easier to move furniture and other items in and out. Sliding doors also allow you to enjoy natural light. This light will brighten up any living or working space. Appearance is not to be overlooked when it comes to benefits, sliding glass doors enhance the aesthetics of a room, as well as create the illusion of more space.

Solar Innovations® Architectural Glazing Systems is a single source custom manufacturer of many products including sliding glass doors systems. Solar Innovations® offers five standard configurations to fit your needs. Along with custom configurations the possibilities are endless. Solar also offers automatic motorized functionality, decorative options, and shade & screen systems.

Solar Innovations® Architectural Glazing Systems features a variety of configurations to create a custom solution for your home or business. Sliding glass door systems are great addition to any residential, commercial, or educational building. A Solar Innovations® Architectural Glazing System sliding door system is an investment that allows customers to take to open up their work and or living spaces and take them to the next level, and they can be custom-designed to suit each person’s specific needs. No matter your application, Solar can create something that will fit your needs.