Project Spotlight: 14-03-040 Private Residence

Solar Innovations® Architectural Glazing Systems’ install team recently completed work on a complete glazing schedule at a private residence in Pennsylvania. The complete door and window package includes twelve SI7500 International insulated awning windows, two SI7500 International insulated hopper windows, three SI1750 International window systems, six SI7500 International fixed window systems, four SI5208 curtain wall systems, two SI8000 thermally broken multi-track sliding glass door systems, four SI2250 terrace doors, and one SI5900 operable welded curb skylight.

One of the curtain wall systems includes two butt glazed corners and two awning windows, while two other curtain walls include multi-track sliding glass doors. All operable panels, including the skylight, are outfitted with custom screen systems, allowing the homeowner to enjoy fresh air and ventilation while keeping bugs and debris out of the residence.

By purchasing a complete glazing package by Solar Innovations®, this client ensured that sightlines, finish color, and warranties are all coordinated throughout the entire home. The finished result is a well coordinated appearance, increased daylight and ventilation, exceptional quality and durability, and a customizable space that can be opened up to the outdoors. All units in a glazing package are custom made, and Solar Innovations® Architectural Glazing Systems can customize a complete glazing package to enhance any residence.