Project Spotlight: 14-05-472 Four Winds Farm

Our install team recently completed the Four Winds Farm project in the Northeastern United States. This straight-eave, double-pitch conservatory offers style and function. The conservatory featured multiple insulated out-swing awning windows, fixed windows, and two, seven-bay operable ridge vents.

Utilizing LoE 340 glazing creates a perfect environment for plants.

All of the awning windows bring the outside in.

Decorative grids we added to enhance the traditional feel and style of the project. The entire project was finished in AAMA 2603 SI Standard White to keep with the desired traditional style

Adding a conservatory to a house allows for many advantages including creating a showpiece, complementing your home, being able to enjoy every season and experience nature, and match the style of your property. Conservatories can even be used to create unique environments including but not limited to pools, plants, and even dining rooms.

This particular conservatory is at a residence, but conservatories are great addition to any residential, commercial, or educational building. A Solar Innovations, Inc. conservatory is an investment that allows customers to take their gardening and or living spaces to the next level, and they can be custom-designed to suit each person’s specific needs. No matter your application, Solar can create a conservatory that will fit your needs.