Project Spotlight: 15-04-454 Private Residence

Solar Innovations® Architectural Glazing Systems’ install team recently completed work on two SI8200 90° no-post multi-track sliding glass doors and a SI5208 aluminum vertical wall with two butt glazed corners on a private Mid-Atlantic residence. The vertical wall utilizes a SI5200 FGS Flexible Glass System. The multi-track sliding doors feature a OXXXO configuration, allowing for large, unbroken views when the panels are opened completely. Both multi-track units are thermally broken and are equipped with sills with a high performance upleg, offering protection from the elements. A standard ergonomic handle with keyed lock provides increased comfort and security. The sill thresholds, ramps, and sill flashing are all finished in Dark Bronze Anodized frame finish, while the framing and handles are finished in AAMA 2603 SI Standard Black frame finish. The multi-track sliding doors use 1″ LoE 272 insulated tempered glazing, while the vertical wall uses ¼” clear tempered monolithic glazing. Shade and screen systems can also be added to Solar Innovations® multi-track sliding glass door systems for further customization for the property.

These residential sliding glass door systems and vertical wall system with butt glazed corners are used to maximize views and dissolve the barrier between the residence and the outdoors. Solar Innovations® Architectural Glazing Systems can customize a sliding glass door system or aluminum vertical wall for any application and design.