Project Spotlight: 15-07-485 Private Residence

Solar Innovations® Architectural Glazing Systems’ install team recently completed work on a SI5204 straight-eave, lean-to greenhouse with two gable ends and one straight-eave, double-pitch dormer with one gable end in the Southwest United States. The greenhouse also featured a G2 out-swing terrace door that was outfitted with a Hoppe Toronto swing door lever and standard sill.  The project was finished in AAMA 2604 SI Standard Bronze powder coat and featured LoE 366 insulated glazing.

Other accessories for the structure included, three SI6301 three-bay insulated eave vents with charcoal colored fiberglass screens, and water resistant linear actuator motors. These vents will help to pull air out and circulate it through the greenhouse and improve plant health.

Solar Innovations® can create a custom greenhouse that can be engineered for any size shape, configuration, and purpose. Solar can also provide greenhouse accessories such as circulation fans, evaporative coolers and, greenhouse benches to make the greenhouse function to your needs. All of these custom touches make Solar’s greenhouses perfect for everyone from a greenhouse hobbyist to a professional horticulturist.

Endless configurations are offered to create the custom greenhouse for you. These configurations include, straight-eave, double-pitch, straight-eave, lean-to, and curved-eave, double-pitch. Each offers a variety of advantages to help fit your greenhouse needs. Solar also offers flat roof, bull nose configuration, hip end, and ogee curve options for glass structures.