Project Spotlight: 16-02-417 Taylors Landing

Solar Innovations® Architectural Glazing Systems recently completed work on multiple units for a restaurant in Toronto, Canada. The units included one aluminum curtain wall that utilized Solar’s regular glazing bar system. The G2 system featured a single door with a hinge jamb, a Toronto swing door lever, a recessed ramp sill, and LoE 272 insulated glazing.

The project also included a 90° aluminum curtain wall using Solar’s regular glazing bar system. This unit featured a G2 in-swing “active-active” French door, an ADA sill, and insulated glazing. All units for the project were finished in a Dark Bronze Anodized frame finish.

Curtain walls are a great way to bring in natural light to make the restaurant welcoming and bright. While this is an example of commercial curtain walls, Solar Innovations® can custom-design a curtain wall to each person’s needs, no matter the application.