Project Spotlight: reACT Solar Decathlon Sunroom

Recently Solar Innovations got a call from Team Maryland to assist in building a sunroom for their Solar Decathlon 2017 house. For the Solar Decathalon students from various colleges were tasked with designing and constructing a full-size, solar-powered house. Team Maryland created Resilient Adaptive Climate Technology (reACT) to showcase how a sustainable future is more than just designing a better built home; it is a lifestyle system that incorporates a home with its surrounding environment, interacts with its occupants, and strives to give back more than it takes.


Solar contributed to the Greencourt, a straight-eave double pitch sunroom with a folding glass wall. The Greencourt was created to serve multiple functions and connect the indoors to the outdoors. The use of our extruded aluminum frame means it will not rust, rot or warp over time. Also our thermal break technology separates the aluminum and minimizes conductivity of heat and cold from the inside to the outside while ensuring the structure’s interior remains comfortable at any time of year.

Solar Sunroom

The addition of the folding glass walls and sliding windows allow interior spaces to connect to the outdoors, making smaller spaces feel more spacious and bright. Solar was delighted to be included on this project and is always working to create a greener future.