Reinvent Your Office Space

Commercial office spaces have numerous applications for glass architecture. Interior dividers can separate various rooms, skylights allow natural daylight into a space, and sunrooms can be utilized for both conference rooms or as additional working space for employees. Daylight allows the space to feel more relaxed and welcoming.


Interior partitions by Solar Innovations are the perfect room divider for any office space. Designed in folding, sliding, and stacking configurations, their minimal framework allows for reduced sightlines and maximum flexibility. Slide and Stack Glass Walls are ideal for offices spaces, creating flexible multi-purpose spaces. Conference rooms can be closed in for private meetings, or opened to accommodate larger gatherings. Many of Solar’s operable doors and wall systems have superior acoustical performance, perfect for meeting rooms.


The glass walls and roof of a sunroom bring in more natural light, which studies have proven aids in concentration and enhances work performance. These are often used for home offices to increase daylight and create a working space away from the residence.


Decorative glazing options can be incorporated into glass interior partitions for additional privacy and to reduce distractions. Solar Innovations offers patterned glass, such as acid etching, that will create a frosted surface and minimize its transparency. When privacy is not required, blinds can be added to the airspace between the panels of an insulated glazing unit. In this type of system, the blinds can tilt and be raised up and down, just like regular blinds, to create temporary privacy with the option of a completely transparent interior partition.

Boost company morale by adding a Solar Innovations system that opens up spaces and increase sun exposure.