Selecting the Right Greenhouse Heating System

Those of us that enjoy spending time in our greenhouses may know that heating a greenhouse can be a challenge. Sometimes it can feel like Mother Nature is not on our side. However, if you set up an efficient and effective heating system, you can maintain the perfect growing environment without the frustration. Keeping your greenhouse the correct temperature can be the difference between bounty and failure of plant growth in colder months.

The first aspect to consider is what type of heating system to use in your greenhouse. While warm air is usually the choice of most greenhouse owners for its easy install and cost effectiveness, mounted propane or natural gas is always the best choice for greenhouse environments. Another ideal is radiator water heat, which is usually connected to your home’s hot water system and is easily controlled by a separate greenhouse thermostat. This system can be placed underneath greenhouse benches for convenience.

Placement is key for greenhouse heaters. My recommendation for anyone, whether heating a small growing environment or expansive estate greenhouse, is to place your heat source close to the floor. Only in a small hobby greenhouse will a single wall mounted heating unit be sufficient to provide an ideal growing environment. Since heat rises, placing the heater near the floor allows the warm air to naturally travel upward and fill the greenhouse with heat evenly. Keeping the heat source low to the ground also provides warmth for your plant roots, which prevents plants from becoming too cold overnight and during cooler months.  If you must hang your heater, always try to have your fans placed strategically to force the heat downward. With today’s new technologies in heating materials, make a smart investment in a mounted propane or natural gas heating system and take advantage of the best placement options to thoroughly and evenly heat your greenhouse and provide the best environment for your plants.