Solar Innovations Publishes First AEC Daily Continuing Education Course

Solar Innovations® Architectural Glazing Systems, a custom manufacturer of sliding, folding, and stacking glass walls, doors, windows, and screens; sunrooms; greenhouses; skylights; and curtain walls; published its first AEC Daily continuing education course on Operable Walls for Sustainable Design.

PINE GROVE, PA – Solar Innovations® Architectural Glazing Systems published its first AEC Daily course on November 11, 2016. The course, titled Operable Walls for Sustainable Design, focuses on the sustainability and health benefits of operable wall systems in both residential and commercial applications.

AEC Daily offers continuing education courses that allow architecture, engineering, and construction professionals access to free, convenient education in a variety of specialized fields. By taking Operable Walls for Sustainable Design, professionals receive continuing education credits and gain up-to-date practical knowledge of recent innovations in operable walls, how to select the correct system for a project, and how operable walls impact the structure as a whole as well as its occupants.

Solar Innovations®’ sustainability-focused course reflects its green efforts. The company’s corporate office and manufacturing facility houses 2,198 photovoltaic panels on its roof, providing over 650,000 KW of solar energy and allowing Solar Innovations® to be approximately 85% off the grid. The building itself is LEED Gold certified, and uses a solar thermal hot water system, houses three greenhouses, makes use of passive solar technology, is furnished with used and recycled furniture, and uses individual carpet and linoleum tiles for easy replacement. Team members recycle as much as possible, including manufacturing materials and food compost, making Solar Innovations® approximately 98.5% landfill free. Every aspect of Solar Innovations®’ facility is tailored to sustainable business practices.

The course features an overview of every major operable wall system on the market, including the benefits of each system as well as how they can be incorporated into a sustainable building project. Sustainable design benefits, including spatial flexibility, energy efficiency, daylighting, and access to fresh air, are also investigated. Finally, the course covers how to avoid high solar heat gain, glare, air leakage, and other possible environmental concerns when incorporating operable wall systems in a project.

Solar Innovations® plans on releasing another AEC Daily continuing education course before the end of the year. Operable Walls for Sustainable Design can be found at

Solar Innovations® is a single source provider of custom glazed structures, skylights, windows, and doors. Their extensive product line ranges from greenhouse to sunrooms, to folding glass walls. To learn more about Solar Innovations®, its products, its AEC Daily course, or to request a brochure, visit, contact [email protected] or call 800-618-0669.