Solar Innovations® Receives Manufacturers & Employers Excellence Award

Solar Innovations® is excited to be awarded the Northeast PA Manufacturers & Employers Association Excellence Award in the expansion category! Our Company has made lengthy strides in expansion, team growth, and product development in the 2015 calendar year. We completed a 30,000 sq. ft. expansion of our second building, which has given us the necessary space to better segregate our aluminum and wood manufacturing processes into three separate dedicated buildings. This expansion on our 36+ acre three-building corporate campus allowed us to increase manufacturing capabilities and manpower of several departments. During the 2014 year, the Company was fortunate enough to have a job valued at over $8 million. In 2015, we replaced that one single project with an equivalent amount of jobs of various size and scope which works out to approximately a 40% growth for the 2015 year if we excluded that $8 million dollar project.

For over 17 years, Solar Innovations® has worked to remain a leader in the manufacturing industry. The Solar Team consists of creative and dedicated designers, engineers, builders, craftsmen, and solutions providers who continuously work to improve our processes to create a better experience for our internal and external customers.

We have received numerous patents this year for our innovative product designs, including our Marine and Stop glazed system, which is a hybrid framework designed to allow the narrowest vertical sightlines in the industry. Solar also received three other patents this year, including a wall and door panel adjustment device, integrated door hardware, and integrated door hardware with recessed handle. Four additional patents are currently pending approval. Our innovation could not occur without the dedication and passion of our team.

As a participant of the JCTC program, we pledged to create 30 new positions between 2014 and 2017; we have already exceeded that number of new team members. In preparation for our expected growth, we relocated our computer lab and incorporated the technology throughout the facility, repurposing its area as well as our showroom area to create office space with 40 additional cubicles. We have also increased our ability to reach more customers by adding a long-distance remote team member in Germany. This addition would not have been possible without a large investment into a new server. This server has created a stronger connection and allows team members the flexibility of working remotely when needed.

We have been diligently working to build our infrastructure to continue our growth to double or even triple our business revenue. In addition to expanding our patented products and product lines, we have been working to create European and domestic strategic partnerships with organizations that will sell our products and others that seek our innovative ideas. Also, by adding the remote team members (within and outside of the country) who have extensive experience, we are able to better train our current team, and in turn, increase our team’s knowledge and overall compensation levels. Ultimately, our decisions are made to create stability for our family and bring more job opportunities to our area.