Tips to Prep for Spring

As the fall gardening season comes to a close, it is time to change gears and start preparing for the spring. When fall crops start to wilt and the weather gets colder, it is the perfect time to start planning and preparing for the upcoming spring season. Follow these tips during the fall and winter months to give your spring garden a head start.



  • Take soil samples and make adjustments to your soilClick here to see a step by step guide on how to conduct a soil sample [from one of our greenhouse experts].
  • Make plans to rotate your crops– Crop rotation can lead to fewer diseases and insect issues.
  • Use granular lime products– These products work best when applied in the fall and will help to gradually adjust the pH of your soil over the winter.
  • Plant bulbs– Planting early-blooming bulbs in the fall leads to an early bloom that will brighten up the end of winter in your garden.


  • Research- While you’re stuck inside, take the time to research different plants and growing conditions to help your garden bloom.
  • Map out your garden- Start to think of a general idea about what and where you want to plant.
  • Make a seed graph- Create a spread sheet that has the following columns:
    • Type/Varietal/Source/Stock #/Quantity/When to plant/When to harvest
  • Order your seeds- Using your seed graph, figure out what you would like to plant and what seeds you need to order.
  • Organize your seeds- Once your seeds arrive make sure your orders are complete and separate the seeds and store them for use.
  • Inventory your supplies- Make sure to inventory and clean all of your gardening supplies so that you will have everything you need once the weather is nice enough to go outside.


These simple steps will help ensure a early and beautiful garden during the upcoming spring season.