Case Study: Bar Room Special

Stacking Glass Walls for Unique Hotel Restaurant


Unusual Style Hotel Offers

A mixture of unusual curiosities, saturated finishes, and artistically adorned walls, the Grand Bohemian Hotel Mountain Brook is where luxury collides with a side of contemporary.  As an establishment that promotes an indulgence of the senses, it was natural to offer guests an experience rooted in this philosophy. When this customer sought to elevate its stylized rooftop bar with an infusion of Alabaman summer night air, Solar Innovations® answered the call.


A System That Integrates well with the Hotel

Solar Innovations® Architectural Glazing System’s install team fulfilled this need by installing a set of custom Slide & Stack Glass Wall Systems into the bar’s outer-facing walls. Each seven-panel unit measured in at an impressive 9 feet and 10¼ inches from base to ceiling. The top-loaded panel systems individually travel along a track, stacking neatly at the end to grant guests an easy transition from drinks at the indoor bar to lively conversations around the firepit outside.

Doors close just as easily as they open and, when they do, they work just as well. Each Slide & Stack Glass Wall System is equipped a 180-degree heavy two-point lock system, providing security from any unwanted guests and the elements alike. The systems’ framing is finished in AAMA 2603 Standard Bronze and blends straight into the Grand Bohemian’s style.  This Slide & Stack System is complete with 1-inch clear tempered insulated glazing.

Grand Bohemian Case Study - Stacking Glass Walls