A Room With a View: Understanding Our International Window Systems

Solar Innovations® international window systems can transform any indoor space filling it with the warmth and wonder of the outdoors. We offer system types from projected to mulled to our international systems. Understanding these various systems will help to decide the best option for your residence or commercial property.

G1 International

The G1 window system is the smallest and lightest of the series. It is well suited for single panel punched openings, such as single bay fixed or operable windows, and for smaller window openings that are multiple bays wide with a relatively low height. Due to the light frame and small sightlines, bay size is limited. This system also does not have an option for vertical or horizontal division of glass, but rather must be mulled frame conditions.

Sizes Available

  • 1 7/8” frame sightline and 3 ¾” mullion sightline (for fixed windows)
  • 3 ¼” frame sightline and 6 ½” mullion sightline (for operable windows)

G2 International Window System - Mulled Windows

G2 International

With the ability to mull different operational or fixed windows together, G2 window systems can provide a solution to almost any type of configuration imaginable, while providing superior thermal and structural performance. The G2 window system utilizes fill & debridge technology that enhances stability at large sizes and high design pressures. Single panel openings are possible, but it is better suited for larger runs of mulled windows. This is the only system that includes high performance inswing casement and tilt turn window options. Using the HP inswing window profiles, it is our highest tested window product for air and water performance.

Sizes Available

  • 2” frame sightline, 4” mullion sightline, and a 2 13/16” division sightline (for fixed windows)
  • 3 1/8” frame sightline, 6 ¼” mullion sightline and a 2 13/16” division sightline (for outswing operable windows)
  • 3 13/32” frame sightline, and 6 27/32” mullion sightline (for inswing operable windows) *No division option available for inswing windows*

G3 International

The G3 window system is the heaviest system and provides more offerings and higher performance capabilities by utilizing Insulbar® thermal strut. This technology allows for a dual color unit by separating the profiles into two individual pieces. It also allows for a wide range of glazing thicknesses that may be required to conform to any application. It is the best option for large window wall applications and is available as fixed windows or outswing windows. Unlike the G1 and G2 systems which are notched and mechanically fastened, the G3 system has mitered corner connections with corner keys.

Sizes Available

  • 2” frame sightline and 4” mullion sightline (for fixed windows)
  • 3 ¼” frame sightline and 6 ½” mullion sightline (for outswing operable windows)