Acoustical Sliding Glass Doors

One of Solar Innovations, Inc.’s signature products is an Acoustical Sliding Glass Door. Acoustical Sliding glass doors can be tested for both STC (Sound Transmission Class) and OITC (Outdoor-Indoor Transmission Class).  OITC  is the sound transmittance rating between outdoor and indoor spaces. While STC is based on a spectrum of sound waves, OITC uses a source noise spectrum and accounts for environmental frequencies such as aircraft, rail, and automotive traffic. OITC puts more emphasis on lower frequencies and the focus on OITC testing is often forgotten.  Acoustically tested product offerings from Solar Innovations, Inc. are available in both thermal and non-thermal product lines.  Solar also offers customization options for the sill, panel size, finish, and glazing solutions to match the specific requirements of each potential application.  *Please note:  any variation in configuration, sill or size from that which Solar Innovations, Inc. tested, will need to be tested.  For more information on the acoustically tested sliding glass doors provided by Solar Innovations, inc. please contact us for more information.