Project Spotlight: Replacement Glass and Cover Caps

Solar Innovations, Inc. recently provided replacement glass and cover caps for twelve glass bays in this aluminum curtain wall, located in the Northeast.

As a single-source manufacturer of custom glazed products and structures, Solar Innovations, Inc. has the technology and design capabilities to provide repair, replacement, and service to glass structures and curtain walls originally made by other manufacturers. For this particular project, Solar replaced twelve acid etched glass panels to satisfy the customer’s need.

Detailed records are kept of every Solar Innovations, Inc. project, which facilitates any future service, repair, and replacement work that may be needed. Solar can also replace glass originally provided by other manufacturers. All replacement glass is set with sealant and a surface preparation of isopropyl alcohol in order to achieve the strongest possible seal. Furthermore, since many glass structure and sunroom manufacturers of the past are no longer in business, Solar Innovations, Inc. retains a large stock of the most common parts that require replacement. These include:

  • Flat glass
  • Curved glass to fit other existing sunroom manufacturers’ structures
  • Exterior cover caps
  • Gaskets and tapes

For additional parts which are not traditionally stocked, the Solar team will work to locate the part or design a new piece to replace it. Solar Innovations, Inc. also has the ability to replace any unit deemed dilapidated beyond repair. Solar’s experienced design team will help evaluate the unit’s situation and determine the most effective option. Visit the Services section of the webpage to learn more about Solar Innovations, Inc.’s repair and replacement services and for information regarding how to properly maintain glazed products.

If you are in need or ready to start a service, repair, or replacement project, please contact the Solar Innovations, Inc. team for more information.

Solar Innovations, Inc.'s replacement glass project in the northeast USA