Solar Innovations, Inc. Receives Patent for Adjustable Door Catch

Solar Innovations, Inc. Receives Patent for Adjustable Door Catch

Solar Innovations, Inc. recently received the patent for its adjustable door catch hardware design. The adjustable door catch was designed for swing and pivot-style doors and provides accurate tension to slow, stop, and hold a door panel. Solar Innovations, Inc’s in-house engineers designed this product specifically for use with custom specialty doors that often include […]

Solar Innovations, Inc.’s Office Expansion

After experiencing significant team growth, and with the Company projected to continue growing in the future, Solar Innovations, Inc. has expanded its office space by adding cubicles in the second floor of its LEED Gold certified corporate office and manufacturing facility. The second floor, which also functions as Solar’s on-site showroom, has recently added carpet […]

Utilizing a Greenhouse for Stargazing

Stargazing is traditionally a summertime activity, but with a greenhouse or other glass structure from Solar Innovations, Inc., stargazing can be enjoyed any time of year. Greenhouses are the perfect structure for stargazing with a significant other, family members, and friends alike. Growing tall trees and larger vegetation inside the greenhouse will produce an atmosphere […]

Solar Innovations, Inc. Expands Product Lines

When Solar Innovations, Inc. first began, the Company chose to design their greenhouses, specialty doors, and other structures utilizing a durable aluminum framework. At the time, aluminum was the best option to ensure the products’ sturdiness and longevity. The Company has evolved a great deal since its inception in 1998 and now offers an expansive […]

Breast Cancer Awareness

Solar Innovations, Inc. sponsored a company wide fundraiser during October’s breast cancer awareness month, and the Company is proud to announce that the Solar team will be donating over $1500 to breast cancer research.  Inspired by the ideas of Solar’s own staff members, office workers were allowed to dress more casually for the month of […]

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