Project Spotlight: Dynamic Glazing

Solar Innovations, Inc. recently manufactured two skylights and a unique vertical wall system for a structure in Massachusetts. The glass vertical wall encompasses one entire side of the structure, and it is outfitted with a two-panel Solar Innovations, Inc. multi-track sliding glass door.

Both the skylight and the vertical wall are comprised of dynamic glass. Dynamic glass is an innovative glazing option, based on electrochromic technology. The panels have the ability to switch between clear and tinted states on demand. This energy-efficient solution helps to control glare and solar heat gain, making it ideal for any glazing project. Dynamic glass has the potential to minimize HVAC system requirements, as well as overall energy consumption. This glass option transmits more solar heat than typical LowE glass in its clear state, which reduces the need for supplemental heating. In its tinted state, dynamic glass blocks solar heat gain, which can also reduce the need for additional cooling units.

Dynamic glass can be operated manually or it can be automated using an environmental control system. Utilizing a control system is ideal for glass structures where lighting, ventilation, temperature, and other growing accessories are already in use. Dynamic glass has four tint levels: 4%, 20%, 40%, and 60% visible light transmittance (Tvis). Users can set the tint to any desired level, and even at its fullest tinted state of 4% Tvis, the glass will remain transparent. They also have the ability to create different zones within several groups of windows to be controlled independently of one another. For example, in a glass structure, the ridge vents and other windows in the roof can be set to 40% Tvis, while the eave vents are set to 4%.

Efficient glazing options like dynamic glass have the ability to assist in projects seeking LEED certification. Possible credits include:

    • Sustainable Sites – Credit 8 for light pollution reduction
    • Indoor Environment Quality – Credits 6.1, 6.2, 7.1, 8.1, and 8.2 for daylighting, thermal comfort, and lighting
    • Energy and Atmosphere; and
    • Innovation in Design

For more information on dynamic glazing and to learn more about Solar Innovations, Inc.’s energy efficient glazing options, please visit the glazing options portion of the website or contact your Solar Representative for specific project information.

Dynamic Glazing options by Solar Innovations, Inc.