Making the impossible possible

At Solar Innovations® we continuously innovate, engineer, design, manufacture, and install leading edge glazed aluminum, wood, vinyl, and composite products worldwide.


Unobstructed Views with Minimal Sightlines

Solar Innovations® folding glass walls utilize minimal sightlines to provide clear views uniting indoor living spaces with the great outdoors.

Folding Glass Walls

Glass Structure Solutions customized for Every Application

Solar Innovations® designs, engineers, and manufactures custom-glazed structures for virtually any location. Every project from a city high rise to a small backyard has met its match.

Glass Structures

Passive Lighting Alternatives for sustainable building applications

Reduce the use of harsh, man-made lighting and open any room by incorporating natural, overhead lighting with glass, poly-carbonate, or acrylic glazed skylights by Solar Innovations®.


Versatile Options that provide seamless transistions

Stacking glass walls by Solar Innovations® include any number of individually-operated panels that slide and stack in a remote location. Any number of panels can be opened to create customizable entryways like no other.

Stacking Glass Walls

Combine aesthetics with performance and durability

Solar Innovations® wood curtain walls join the elegance of a natural wood indoor with the sturdiness of an aluminum exterior for a unique glazing system that will seamlessly blend with a structure’s interior aesthetics.

Wood Timber Curtain Walls

Limitless engineering and design capabilities

Solar Innovations® replaces, restores, and services structures even of historical significance. In-house design and engineering allows custom glazing bars for unique solutions.


Solar Innovations, Inc. provides solutions to the complex design projects in today's architectural world

At Solar Innovations® Architectural Glazing Solutions we are always innovating new products and technologies to serve dealers, architects and homeowners in the architectural building materials community. We provide high end products that are sustainable and increase the efficiency of a residential home, commercial building, or resort. Crafted with precision and quality our products increase the richness of any lifestyle bringing the outdoors in while keeping the harsh elements out.

We are your single source provider of Residential and Commercial Stacking Glass Walls, Folding Glass Walls, Multi-Stacking Doors, Multi-Pocket Doors, Lift & Slide Doors, Sliding Glass Doors, Sunrooms, Greenhouses, Conservatories, Skylights, Wood and Aluminum Curtain Walls, Tilt Turns, Doors, Windows, Glass Railings and much more. We are confident we can the suit the needs of any situation for your next project.

We also provide other products not offered by the competition in our other technologies: Innovative Reel Technologies® provides hand crafted, American made Patented Spin Power Grip spinning and fly fishing reels. Patent Pending Universal® Clamps by Solar Innovations, Inc. solve nearly any Solar PV Racking, Sign Mounting, Conduit, Plumbing, Mechanical System, HVAC System, Fall Guard, or Snow Guard standing seam roof connection concern.

Solar's in-house testing lab with third party certifications allows Solar Innovations® Architectural Glazing Systems to complete the required testing for custom architectural glazing solutions with third party certifications, providing reduced lead times and streamlined processes to reduce costs for the end user.

LEED Gold Solar's complete line of aluminum bar bending and forming options meet the needs of every residential and commercial glass structure requirement. The LEED Gold Certified corporate headquarters and manufacturing facility houses an elite team that is able to think outside the box and provide custom solutions for any situation.

Below you will find we serve a few major markets in the architectural building space. We offer complete solutions to fit your needs in our window & doors providing high quality systems that create narrow sight lines and enrich the lives of our customers. Our conservatories and glass structures create open environments that give an awe factor to any addition in a home or commercial building. We also provide Skylights which increase in-home light while reducing electricity costs of brightening your space. Contact us today for a free quote, or click on one of the links below to get started using what we feel are the best products in the marketplace.

Quote Forms

Requesting a quote from Solar Innovations® Architectural Glazing Solutions is easy! You can contact us or fill out a product specific quote form. Once you have submitted your form, the Estimating team at Solar will review your information and contact you with any questions. In most cases, quote costs are provided to the customer within 72 hours, times may vary based on complexity.


Solar Innovations, Inc. offers an extensive library to better serve each customer, vendor, and dealer to achieve outstanding results in today's fast paced industry. Our technical information section provides cut sheets, details, brochures, as well as isometrics and configurations better serving your specific needs. We are constantly adding to this section with updated information so be sure to check it out frequently.


Architectural and Specification writers: Solar Innovations® provides an interactive specification writer to help you develop specifications easily. You can select from a vast list for offline work or complete and download the PDF from the individual product specification writer to meet your exact needs. We provide a vast array of different specifications to suit your needs.

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