As one of the largest custom manufacturers of residential and commercial glazed products, Solar Innovations® has the technology and innovative design capability to help restore or replace previous structures. Solar stocks many items from various systems, and even if we do not have a part in stock, we will work with you to locate one or design a new piece. Solar Innovations® also offers replacement units, because sometimes repair is not an option. Our experienced team members will help you evaluate your situation and determine the most effective options for repair or replacement of any existing structure or design element.

Windows & Doors Restoration

Window and Door Restoration does not only apply to antiques or extremely old units. Modern systems such as folding glass walls can need restoration as well.

Window & Door Replacement

Window and door replacement is necessary when components of a window or door system breaks, chips, or shatters because proper care is not taken.

Window & Door Installation

Window and Door Installation can consist of many individual parts or entire units. Solar Innovations® recommends using an experienced installer, like us to properly install our products.

Glass Structure Restoration

Allow Solar Innovations®’s greenhouse restoration services to restore these structures to their former glory instead of removing them.

Glass Structure Replacement

Solar Innovations® provides replacement parts for greenhouse and full greenhouse replacement when necessary.

Glass Structure Installation

Solar Innovations® has over 15 years of experience as an industry leader in the greenhouse installation field.

Skylight Restoration

Solar Innovations®’s in-house team of engineers and designers will work to restore your skylight and keep it as similar to the original aesthetics as possible.

Skylight Replacement

Aging skylights with frames made of steel or wood have a tendency to deteriorate over time. Solar can fix this problem with it’s skylight replacement program.

Skylight Installation

Both new and retrofit skylight units will require installation services. Solar Innovations®’s team of installation experts is capable of installation.

Glass Structure Consulting

Solar Innovations® is proud to have Greenhouse and Conservatory Design Experts as part of our in house team. These experts can be used as consultants to provide customers with their ideal structure.

Design Services

Allow Solar Innovations’s design consultants to ease the burden by assisting you through the process. With over 19 years in the custom design and manufacturing field, our team can help get it right the first time.