Clear Glass Walls

Clear Glass Wall

Our clear glass walls create a seamless wall with uninhibited views. The unit’s non-thermal design makes it a great choice for interior room dividers, but Solar Innovations® can engineer the clear glass wall for exterior use as well, making it an ideal product selection for stadium suites. Panels are typically top hung, however bottom load sliding options are also available.  Solar’s clear glass walls can be designed to operate with multiple configurations. The non-thermal clear glass walls are typically used for interior and light exterior applications. No vertical frame is required; however, Solar Innovations® offers mono seal and dual seal insulating frames that are recommended when the clear glass wall system will be utilized for outdoor applications.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

clear_glass_walls_1Stacking Wall Styling

Non-thermal aluminum framework is typically utilized in all three clear wall styles mentioned below.

Glass with Narrow Profile Frame

A glass with narrow profile aluminum frame style has a narrow metal frame on the verticals as well as the top and bottom of each glass panel.  This design is highly recommended for outdoor applications, as it is the best option for preventing sound, air, and water transmittance.

Glass to Glass

In a glass to glass style, the glass edges are completely exposed and there is no vertical framing. This is only recommended for interior use because sound, air, and water can easily pass through the small gaps between the panels.

Glass with Gasket

In a glass with gasket style, the framing has gaskets attached to the vertical sides of each glass panel that touch when the wall is closed and help  reduce sound, air, and water transmittance.

Solar Innovations SI3000C Clear Glass Walls maximize transparency for stadium suites, balcony enclosures, interior operable partitions, etc. Individual top load bearing clear glass panels can be made to a maximum panel size of 3′ x 10′, or possibly larger, while offering some protection from wind. Aluminum profiles capture the head and sill, while the vertical edges of the glass remain free. When the doors are open, they can be neatly stacked, or pocketed away in a remote location. Special gaskets can be used to provide a minimal level of air and water performance upon request.



Standard Maximum Panel – 3′ x 10′ Panel weight limit of 500lbs.
Over Sized Units possible depending Engineering
Custom hardware
Center Hung, Fully Hinged or Hinged Pairs, and Twin Trolley, Individual Panels Clear wall, mono seal, or dual seal
Accommodates monolithic and insulated glazing infills from 1/4″; 1/2″ Custom tinted and decorative glazing available
Custom stainless steel helical bearings rated for a maximum capacity of 350lbs./pair Unlimited configurations
Performance dependent upon sill, jamb, and vertical edge seal choice Single door inserts available
Standard AAMA 2603 Finishes:
Hartford Green, Bronze, Black, Natural Clay, White, Sandstone
Custom finishes:
Powder coat finish: AAMA 2604-2605
Fluoropolymer (50% or 70%): AAMA 2604-2605
Dual color or dual finish options
Class I Anodized: Dark Bronze, Clear Veneer and cladding options
LEED friendly system including recycled content Multiple sill options
Designed and manufactured in the U.S.A.

Center Hung: Selected when the panels need to turn and stack perpendicular to the wall.

Twin Trolley: Dual trolleys are located above the vertical rails and create an ease of movement second to none in the industry.

Fully Hinged: Fully hinged or ‘hinged pairs’ are the most popular configuration choice.

Note: Units are secured by a floor lock, as traditional locking hardware cannot be utilized with the unique engineering of the clear wall system.

The clear wall system is available in custom finishes in addition to four standard colors, including: clear anodized, bronze anodized, white, and copper. The standard maximum glass panel is 3 ft x 10 ft, but oversized panels are possible, depending on the configuration. Custom-tinted and other decorative glazing is also available, along with transoms, sidelite options, and panel infills.

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