canopiesIf you are considering improving your commercial building with a glass canopy, Solar Innovations® can provide cost effective options. Canopies typically consist of an overhead aluminum awning with supporting posts and exposed sides, or completely free span. Canopies can range from a simple overhead barrier to an elaborate radius barrel vault design, both of which ward off rain and snow. Solar Innovations® designs canopies for both commercial and residential applications. Outdoor kitchens, patios, and carports are all common residential applications.

Common uses for commercial aluminum canopies include businesses, hospitals, retirement homes, and airports. All of these canopies provide shade and protection from the weather for you and your customers or guests.

Solar Innovations®  creates durable aluminum canopy systems that will withstand exposure to the elements for years to come. Unlike wood canopies, aluminum will not warp, rot or require constant finishing maintenance. We offer standard, designer, and custom color choices for ultimate design customization, or to match your building’s existing facade. The shape and size of each canopy is completely custom. We are able to design to virtually any specification including hurricane requirements and high snow loads.

Glazing options include both glass and polycarbonate. Typically canopies use single wall polycarbonate or monolithic glass because high thermal performance is not necessary. Polycarbonate tends to be less expensive than glass and has a lighter weight which decreases shipping expenses. Polycarbonate is available in several colors and thicknesses, and it offers a clean contemporary style.

Depending upon the desired architectural design, a glass canopy can be more aesthetically pleasing when compared to polycarbonate. Glass is the traditional choice for canopies, and is also available in different tints, thicknesses, and design patterns. For spaces with a lot of shading it would be wise to consider glass because it allows more light to pass though it compared to polycarbonate. Customers should consider both polycarbonate and glass when planning a canopy.

Our experienced design team will work directly with you or, if you prefer, your contractor or architect to create the perfect walkway or canopy for your application. After designing the canopy, Solar Innovations® can provide customers with a complete project. Everything from the fabrication, assembly, and installation can be provided through our one company. Based on the scope of your project, there are also “do-it-yourself installation kits” available. Whatever canopy you have in mind, Solar Innovations® can help you create the ideal shelter for your building.

Please Note: Solar Innovations® only recommends using wood for exterior purposes if there is an overhang to provide protection or if the product will be used for interior applications. Also, Solar Innovations® does not recommend the use of wood on the exterior of doors, for durability purposes and hardware limitations.