Car Washes

Car Washes

Carwash1Combine the creative possibilities of glass with attractive décor and excellent functionality for maximum curb appeal

The superior aluminum glazing system makes our glass or polycarbonate car washes quick and easy to install with minimal required maintenance. Glass or polycarbonate car wash enclosures by Solar Innovations® will provide unlimited benefits for both you and your customers to enjoy year round.

Solar Innovations® custom designs, numerous color choices, and glass, polycarbonate, standing seam roof options, and structural panel roof options, in combination with our glass walls, allow owners to create unique branding opportunities for their car wash business.

Glass Car Wash structures by Solar Innovations® come complete with any of our standard colors or the option of choosing a standard car wash color. Our glass car washes are available in any of our nine standard colors as well as our optional car wash colors in bright red, bright green, bright yellow, and bright blue.

Solar Innovations® offers numerous glass car wash designs including, but not limited to, automated and self-serve options in either single bay or double bay configurations. Custom car wash combination designs are also available. Any self-serve unit can be added to a single or double bay car wash, and equipment rooms can be added to any car wash unit.

In a glass car wash structure, the upper portion of the interior wall is open to allow access for plumbing and equipment, and the door options include standard rolling doors and dual track or multiple track sliding doors.