A Conservatory is a glazed structure with a glass roof and walls that serve as a charming solution for enjoying the outdoors without having to leave your home. Conservatories can be attached to existing buildings or manufactured as standalone structures. Conservatories can be used year-round for entertaining and dining or designed as commercial showrooms. Solar Innovations®’s classic conservatories are custom designed unlike any other with elegant lines and superior detail.  Solar has the in-house production capabilities to create custom elegant structures in any size or configuration with no limit to the amount of windows, doors, or decorative elements.

Modern Function Modern greenhouses and conservatories are often visually similar but have different functions. Like greenhouses, conservatories have the ability to house and propagate plants, but they are primarily used as an additional living space. Conservatories can have several uses and serve as multi-purpose rooms for entertaining, dining, office space, growing plants, and more.

Conservatory Options

Our conservatories are constructed from durable aluminum framework, but they are not limited to an all-aluminum design. Copper, Stainless Steel, and lead coated copper cladding options are available for use on the interior or exterior of the conservatory. Solar Innovations® can also design aluminum exterior conservatories with wood interior in solid Mahogany or Spanish Cedar. The sturdy aluminum exterior helps protect the wood interior in this combination system.  Laminates of Southern Yellow Pine, Western Red Cedar, Douglas Fir, and Northern White Pine can also be used for the interior, though Northern White Pine laminate is available for straight eave applications only.  Solar also has the ability to integrate Redwood and Cherry into the structure.

Conservatory Windows

Conservatory windows can be customized with any shape or pattern of grid work. Solar’s complete line of extruded aluminum decorative elements can also be included in the conservatory design. These options include: moldings, gutters, ridge cresting, and finials, all of which provide details that were previously only available in all-wood conservatory designs.

Residential and Commercial Conservatory Applications

Conservatories can be used in residential settings as a dining room, family room, or game room.  However, custom conservatories by Solar Innovations® can also be found in commercial applications such as rehab facilities, resorts, country clubs, restaurants, and retirement homes. They are perfect for entertaining guests and the natural light makes them an ideal environment for growing plants.

Conservatories are also perfect display areas and showrooms for businesses.

Solar’s conservatories can be integrated with an existing HVAC system to ensure the structure remains comfortable year-round. Conservatories can also be outfitted with a number of glazing solutions including LowE glass that enhances the quality of the insulation.

Aluminum Orangeries

Solar’s custom conservatories can also be adapted to a structure’s traditional framing.  This type of conservatory is known as an orangery. An orangery blends conventional construction, which includes cement, vinyl, stucco, or wood, with aluminum framed skylights, doors, and windows. Lantern or hip-end skylights are two commonly used configurations for an orangery roof. Solar Innovations®’s aluminum system can easily match trims and grid styles in standard wood construction as well.

Beautiful English & Victorian Conservatories

The charm and beauty of classic English conservatories can not be surpassed. With elegant lines and exquisite detail, conservatories are the ultimate extension between your living space and the environment, providing a functional sanctuary with unparalleled beauty.

Solar Innovations, Inc. specializes in custom conservatory configurations. No project is too small or too large; multiple turns, additional walls, and unique accessory operations can be accommodated. Structural accessories can be customized, which Solar Innovations, Inc.’s skilled team of conservatory designers is capable of providing.

Many manufacturers set a limit on the placement or number of windows allowed in a conservatory, but Solar can incorporate as many windows as a potential customer desires. The same is true for doors, ridge vents, eave sashes, and decorative elements.

If you’d like to learn more about what conservatories are and where they came from, visit our “What Are Conservatories” page.

Conservatories by Solar Innovations, Inc. are not limited to all-aluminum designs, they are also offered in aluminum exterior/wood interior options, featuring solid Mahogany or Spanish Cedar or laminates of Southern Yellow Pine, Western Red Cedar, Douglas Fir, and Northern White Pine (straight eave applications only). Redwood and Cherry can also be integrated into your glass structure. The conservatory’s low maintenance, aluminum exterior protects the delicate wood interior system from the most extreme weather conditions. Solar Innovation, Inc. conservatories are available with glazing options of glass and poly carbonate.

Solar Innovations, Inc. offers the most complete line of extruded aluminum decorative elements in the industry, including moldings, gutters, ridge cresting, and finials; providing exquisite details previously available only in all-wood conservatories. For more ideas, please review Solar Innovations,Inc.’s conservatory planning process.

Conservatories by Solar Innovations, Inc. offer superior design and functionality. Our thermally isolated structures and fenestration products can withstand even the most brutal outdoor climates. Our conservatories can be designed to fit any structural need, including any hurricane and seismic requirements.

When you decide to begin planning your conservatory, the best thing to do is to collect your ideas. Browse our website’s project gallery and take note of conservatories that you like and accessories that you wish to include. When you have an idea of what you think you would like, contact a Solar Innovations, Inc. sales representative. In an effort to provide our customers with a stress free planning process, Solar has released, a step-by-step resource to planning your conservatory.

Advantages of Conservatories

Conservatories that are completely manufactured in the United States of America. Solar Innovations, Inc’s conservatories are manufactured at our facility in Pine Grove, Pennsylvania. Tours of our LEED Gold Certified facility are available, during this tour, you can meet your estimator, project manager, and the sales representative assigned to your conservatory project. You may also tour our functioning corporate conservatories that are attached to our facility.

In-house professionals. Solar Innovations, Inc. has a team of in-house architects, engineers, and conservatory designers. All of Solar’s conservatories are engineered to accommodate high DP ratings and ensure each conservatories’ ability to withstand extreme circumstances. Solar Innovations, Inc. also provides designers that specialize in conservatories to work with you to create an optimized layout of your structure.

All Solar Innovations, Inc. conservatories are custom manufactured. Solar Innovations, Inc.’s conservatories are not stored on shelves, waiting to be sold. All conservatories are built to a customers’ exact specifications. Every aspect of our conservatories can be customized, including: finish, sizes, hardware, and configuration.
Wooden Conservatories

Wood Conservatories

Solar Innovations, Inc. Solar Innovations, Inc. offers wooden conservatories to diversify our existing aluminum line of structures.

A wood conservatory can be used for multiple applications.
Wooden conservatories: provide a classic English element to your home.
Wooden conservatories are an authentic English showpiece.
Wood conservatories are manufactured in the United Kingdom and shipped to your home for installation.
Wood possesses a warm visual appearance, warm physical touch, and is an excellent insulator.
Wood conservatories can be manufactured to fit any custom size.
Double pitch, lean-to, hip end, conservatory nose, and custom bespoke conservatory designs are available.

Please Note: Solar Innovations, Inc. only recommends using wood for exterior purposes if there is an overhang to provide protection or if the product will be used for interior applications. Also, Solar Innovations, Inc. does not recommend the use of wood on the exterior of doors for durability purposes and hardware limitations.

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