Decorative Elements

Decorative Elements

As a premier product innovator, Solar Innovations® goes beyond the structure to ensure that every aesthetic need is met. The decorative elements shown in the following pages are merely the common selections stocked for immediate use.

Solar Innovations® will always strive to meet your specific design needs. Our goal is to create what you imagine and more. If you do not see the accessory you are looking for, please contact us directly to further discuss your vision. We can accommodate your every desire, whether it is for an existing structure or a new, Solar Innovations® creation.

Solar Innovations® decorative elements are available in our six standard Duracron colors, unfinished aluminum, and two corrosion resistant anodized colors. Any custom paint finish can also be matched to ensure seamless integration of the decorative elements of any greenhouse, conservatory, skylight, or door.

Ridge cresting, finials, and grids are an excellent way to begin enhancing your Solar Innovations® structure or skylight. These elements can be used to create a classing style of architecture with very little effort. To appeal to a more Victorian era of architecture, decorative corners, trims, appliques, and ring and collars can be incorporated.

The most popular decorative element for all of our products is our Muntins, SDLs, and Grids, as they can be customized to a wide variety of styles, creating either tradition or modern grid layouts and a unique architectural appeal for doors, windows, skylights, or structures.

Please click on the photographs above for additional examples and information on Solar Innovations®’s decorative accessories. For suggestion on incorporating these elements into your structure, please feel free to contact your Solar Innovations® representative at 800-618-0669.

Additional Accessories