Decorative Corners

Decorative Corners

Decorative-CornersDecorative corners, or eave spandrels, can be considered one of the oldest forms of decorative architecture. An eave spandrel can be found in buildings as early as ancient Rome, and was historically the space between a wall/column and an arch. The Arch of Constantine in the Forum Romanum, which was dedicated in 315 CE, still stands today and exhibits large scale eave spandrels. As time passed, the spandrel also occupied the space between a wall and a squared-off opening. In present time, a decorative corner is often attached from a column to the eave of a porch roof.

Solar Innovations® offers four styles of decorative corners, also known as eave spandrels. These pieces are used for purely decorative purposes in the eaves of greenhouses and conservatories in both residential and commercial buildings that are looking to achieve a classic style. Another practical use is for shelf supports. The corners are perfect for placing a shelf above and growing plants or displaying decorative accessories. A third use is a plant hanger. The corner is mounted to the wall, and hanging baskets are hung from the spandrel. Each corner is constructed out of cast aluminum, which makes the piece durable and eliminates chances of rusting. Solar Innovations® offers the corners in five standard paint colors and any custom paint color your project may require.

The four styles Solar Innovations® offers are based on historical styles and will add elegance and charm to any application.

If you are looking for a decorative corner which Solar Innovations® does not standardly offer, a custom design can be created for you. Please contact your Solar Innovations® representative to discuss design options.

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