Greenhouse Benches

Greenhouse Benches

Greenhouse Benches

Solar Innovations®’s greenhouse benches are the ideal greenhouse accessory, allowing the enjoyment of gardening without the backache! Whether you are potting, pruning, transplanting, or washing produce, Solar Innovations®’s greenhouse benches offer alternatives in height and space utilization. Our custom-designed benches are built to complement any new or existing greenhouse.

Solar Innovations® offers several standard greenhouse benches, including an aluminum frame with a galvanized mesh top, an aluminum frame with mahogany or western red cedar slat top, or a UV resistant polyethylene grid-top platform with a polyethylene or aluminum frame. The galvanized mesh top and polyethylene grid-top platforms provide both excellent air circulation and drainage while allowing light to pass through to the plants below. A typical fixed bench of this type is 36″ wide, by 36″ tall, with custom length. These types of greenhouse benches are attractive to look at and will provide years of service.

There are several varieties of greenhouse benches available through Solar Innovations® Fixed Benches can be custom manufactured with tiers, meaning that smaller benches can be tiered on top of the base bench.

Benches can consist of up to three tiers; the bottom bench is typically 36″ deep, the second bench is generally 18″ deep, and the third bench is around 9″ deep. Tiered benches provide customers with additional growing space, as the top two tiers provide shade to the lower bench, which can be utilized to grow plants that prefer diffused light, like orchids and African violets. An additional bench can also be placed underneath the 36″ bench for plants preferring greater amounts of shade.

Fixed Greenhouse Benches

fixed_benchOur fixed greenhouse benches are manufactured in one, two, and three tier layouts with an optional adjustable lower shelf. The lower shelf doubles the bench space and provides additional storage. Tiers can be stacked, centered, or designed in a step pattern.

The examples above show two different bench layouts. Example 1 has the benches around the perimeter of two walls, while Example 2 has three rows of benches. The spacing between benches is typically three feet apart to allow for ample access to the vegetation and supplies without restricting the walkways within the structure.

Rolling Greenhouse Benches

Solar Innovations® offers rolling benches, designed to travel in either direction while providing a walkway between each bench to increase the growing surface area. Our rolling benches offer an easily accessible operational area without wasting valuable growing space.

Potting Greenhouse Benches

potting_benchPotting Benches are a must for all greenhouses, regardless of size. This is a practical unit for the gardener which also adds a decorative touch to the greenhouse interior. A common potting bench will consist of a sink, work space on the counter top, bins to hold potting soil, and shelving. The bench is designed to your specific dimensions. Each bench can be customized to meet your greenhouse’s needs.

A potting bench can be utilized in spaces other than a greenhouse. A garage or mudroom is the perfect location for a potting bench. If the potting bench is along a solid wall, an upper unit can be added which can hold shelving and hanging space for tools. If desired, drawers can be added to the bench. The under bench storage can be exposed or closed off with doors. Aluminum is used for the framework with polycarbonate and wood shelving and counter tops. If you have a picture of one you would like, feel free to send it to a Solar Innovations® representative to create a custom piece.

Raised Seedling Beds

Raised Seedling Beds are another wonderful addition to a greenhouse. Traditional greenhouse benches limit growing to only pots. However, a seedling bed is supported on four legs and is about 6″ deep. The interior is filled with soil, and plants can be grown. This is the perfect way to bring a flower bed or vegetable garden straight into the greenhouse. The bed is raised, so the gardener does not have to get on his/her knees to plant and maintain the garden. Utilizing a seedling bed allows for fresh produce in the middle of a snowstorm or to grow flowers out of season. These benches can also be customized to any size needed and any required depth.

Gravel Greenhouse Benches

Gravel benches are specifically used to generate humidity. These benches are designed for use in a greenhouse or with plants, such as orchids. Solar Innovations® uses a fixed bench fitted with a solid metal top instead of a traditional mesh top. The bench top can be filled with gravel and water, creating a constant source of humidity for the flowers.

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